How to Market to People SUPER Close to Buying Surgery… With Zero Competition and 100% Free

Howdy everyone, Ryan here. Today I’ve got an awesome strategy to share that puts your practice in front of new potential clients who are REALLY interested in what you offer – they’re far in to the decision making process and close to buying. The best thing about this strategy, other than its simplicity, is that very few surgeons do it (there’s a great chance that no-one in your city does). Competition for these potential clients’ attention is therefore slim to none! Also, this technique doesn’t involve buying any advertising. You can get it done in an hour or so per week, or just tell another team member from your practice to do it for you. Let’s get in to it… So How Do You Get The Attention of Highly Qualified Prospects Without Any Competition? This strategy revolves around putting yourself in the shoes of someone who’s deep into researching their procedure of choice, then working out what questions these people commonly have. This should be pretty easy to do – you likely get asked these questions all the time by new and potential clients during consultations. These same questions are definitely being asked online (usually via a Google search) and you want to show up with a helpful, educational answer. How is this done? Easy – you just publish a short and informative article or blog post on your website that covers the question and answers it fully. As simple as this sounds, hardly any surgeons do it. That’s great news for you though because it means you’ll show up in the top few Google results very easily – and often in...

Why Your Practice Website Isn’t at the Top of Google… And What to Do About It

Hey everyone, Ryan here. Today we’re discussing a super-important topic; one I get asked about constantly… How to make sure your practice appears at the top of Google when potential clients are searching for surgeons in your city. Just to clarify, we’re not talking about buying Google ads here – that’s a subject for another day. I want to tell you about the NATURAL search listings, and what you need to do to be at the top of them. How to be One of Google’s ‘Recommended’ Surgeons and Get a Top First Page Listing Many surgeons find this whole subject rather confusing, and quite frankly have absolutely no idea why Google doesn’t seem to favor their website and recommend it highly to potential clients searching the web. Luckily, getting one of the top few spots on Google’s front page is definitely more ‘science’ than ‘art’ – it is certainly a process than can be learned and followed. You just need to know what the search engines are looking for, then give it to them. On that subject, you also need to know what doesn’t matter for search engine rankings… Things Google Likes to Pretend Effect Your Website Rankings, When They Actually Don’t Unfortunately these things just don’t matter in online search results… 1. How Good of a Surgeon You Are Even if you’re the very best surgeon in your city and the undisputed ‘go-to’ expert, it doesn’t mean you’ll rank #1 in Google – you may not even appear anywhere on the entire first page. Harsh but true. 2. Your Experience, Qualifications or Credentials Again, these just don’t matter – sorry....
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