What We Can Do For You?

“What exactly can you do for my clinic if we work together?”

That’s a vital question you should be asking any partner who could potentially market your business, either online or via more traditional methods.

In our experience surgeons want to see concrete, measurable results from their digital marketing efforts. The kinds of results which allow you to say with certainty that your campaigns are generating high value leads and clients on a consistent basis. Obviously seeing healthy positive returns on your marketing investment is just as important. These are the things we focus on here at SurgeryBloom.

Our Primary Goal For Your Clinic

Unlike other online marketing firms who often settle for a handful of first and second page Google rankings, our aim is always to make you the dominant surgeon in your city; the go-to guy or girl.

By this we mean placing your business multiple times high up on Google’s first page. We want you to be ‘unmissable’ to any potential clients searching for the services you offer in your area. Wherever they look, you need to be there.

Why is this?

We believe that simply increasing your current website’s ranking for a few keywords is nowhere near enough.  The campaigns we build for your clinic will only target your ideal, most valuable clients. With this in mind there is no reason not to try and acquire as many high quality leads as possible. The more first page coverage you have, the more incoming leads and clients you get. Having the lion’s share of the total available business in your area allows you to either grow your clinic as quickly as you like, or simply pick and choose only the very best clients to work with.

How Will We Make You The ‘Go-To’ Surgeon?

We take a three-pronged approach to ensure you get maximum page one coverage and the most leads possible:

1 – Your current website

Obviously we’ll promote your current business site as long as it is ‘Google friendly’ and capable of ranking highly in the search engines. If it isn’t for any reason we can always make the necessary changes, or in some cases replace it. Your current pages will be promoted and in most cases we’ll create some new ones too, in order to get you more coverage.

2 – Highly targeted mini-sites

In addition to your main website, we’ll create one or more new sites which are tightly focused to specific services and procedures you offer – usually your most profitable ones. Want more tummy tuck clients in your city? No problem, we can build a tightly focused mini-site that is specifically designed to attract people interested in tummy tucks and funnel them into your clinic.

3 – New properties on third party sites

Moving away from regular websites, the third way we’ll gain extra page 1 coverage for your clinic is by creating new online ‘real-estate’ and properties for you. Examples include YouTube videos, social profiles, high quality business listings and more. All of these online assets which promote your clinic can be ranked highly in the search engines. The result is that attract even more leads and ideal clients.

These three strategies, when combined, are extremely effective for dominating search results in specific cities and states.

Sound interesting?

Contact us today by calling 718-618-5897 to arrange your free and confidential strategy session.

During this time we’ll lay out step-by-step how all of the strategies on this page would apply specifically to your clinic in your city. Alternatively, fill out this form (takes less than 60 seconds) and we’ll be in touch shortly to schedule your session.

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