How to Market to People SUPER Close to Buying Surgery… With Zero Competition and 100% Free

Howdy everyone, Ryan here.

Today I’ve got an awesome strategy to share that puts your practice in front of new potential clients who are REALLY interested in what you offer – they’re far in to the decision making process and close to buying.

The best thing about this strategy, other than its simplicity, is that very few surgeons do it (there’s a great chance that no-one in your city does). Competition for these potential clients’ attention is therefore slim to none!

Also, this technique doesn’t involve buying any advertising. You can get it done in an hour or so per week, or just tell another team member from your practice to do it for you.

Let’s get in to it…

So How Do You Get The Attention of Highly Qualified Prospects Without Any Competition?

This strategy revolves around putting yourself in the shoes of someone who’s deep into researching their procedure of choice, then working out what questions these people commonly have. This should be pretty easy to do – you likely get asked these questions all the time by new and potential clients during consultations.

These same questions are definitely being asked online (usually via a Google search) and you want to show up with a helpful, educational answer.

How is this done? Easy – you just publish a short and informative article or blog post on your website that covers the question and answers it fully.

As simple as this sounds, hardly any surgeons do it. That’s great news for you though because it means you’ll show up in the top few Google results very easily – and often in the #1 position.

**Important** – Here’s why appearing at the top of Google when people type in very specific surgery-related questions is so valuable…

Think about this for a second – what is really going through the mind of someone searching Google for a typical surgery keyword phrase such as “plastic surgeon New York“?

They could be typing that for all kinds of different reasons:

  • – Maybe they’ve just seen a celeb on TV who’s had a particular procedure and they want to know more
  • – Maybe they just read a magazine article about a surgeon in NY and want to see others
  • – Maybe they are actually considering surgery, but are only now starting to research their options
  • Maybe they are just looking to sell a product or service to surgeons and need some phone numbers to call!


I’m sure you get the point; most of the people searching plastic surgeon New York in Google are not actually that likely to be paying for surgery anytime soon – if ever.

Even though this is true, most surgeons focus almost all of their efforts on ranking highly in the search engines for these ‘generic’ terms. The same is true of online marketing companies who handle the internet marketing for these surgeons.

This also means these phrases, which maybe aren’t as valuable as they seem, also become extremely competitive for anyone trying to show up at the top of Google’s first page!

**Now think about someone searching for a very specific question based phrase in Google**

Example: The mindset of person searching online for the term “how much does a mommy makeover cost in Manhattan” is a lot easier to quantify.

This person is someone a New York breast surgeon really wants to get in front of because..

  • – The searcher knows what kind of surgery they want
  • – Their preference seems to be for a Manhattan based surgeon
  • – They are aware of what a mommy makeover is, and seemingly think it will be a good choice
  • – They are looking for details specific to pricing, and in their city


This person isn’t a casual searcher who has no real intent to buy. They’ve already spent significant time and effort looking into surgery and deciding what they want to go for – now its just about confirming the cost and likely picking a surgeon.

So, do you see the difference?

The intent of someone searching for “plastic surgeon New York” verses “how much does a mommy makeover cost in Manhattan should be pretty clear.

By the way, when I searched the mommy makeover phrase I didn’t see one article from an actual surgeon on the first page that was written to give me the details I needed.

If you’re able to set aside an hour per week to answer a common question from clients in an educational blog post then you’ll certainly be able to put yourself in front of more highly qualified potential clients and bring them to your website.

One Final BIG Benefit of This Strategy

The last thing to note about this strategy is that it allows you to position yourself really well to potential clients.

Most surgeon websites pretty much only talk about the surgeon/s themselves, their experience and how happy their clients are. There’s rarely any focus on the actual client themselves or their needs.

Taking the approach of answering questions and helping out people who are looking for specific details about a certain procedure allows you to be positioned as an educator. When every other surgeon online is taking about themselves, you’re making clients and their needs a real focus.

Until next time,

Ryan and the SurgeryBloom Team

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