How to Get More 5 Star Google Reviews from Clients… Without Begging or Bribing Them (Ridiculously Easy)

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Hey, Ryan here.

Here is a super-simple tip that will allow you to get more genuine 5 star Google reviews from your happy clients.

This ‘cheat sheet’ literally takes 15 seconds to use and almost no other surgeons do it (download the cheat-sheet here for free). If you’re willing to implement this you could easily become the surgeon with the most 5 star Google ratings in your local area – a very important step to becoming your city’s ‘go-to’ surgeon.

By the way, this strategy also works for other review sites such as RealSelf, but Google ‘stars’ are the most important by far!

Why are Reviews so Important?

I’m not sure about you, but anytime I buy products online I’m looking at customer reviews and ratings. I’ll even go to Amazon to check a product’s rating regardless of whether I’m buying from the Amazon site or not. Reviews heavily influence buying decisions for everyday $100 products, so you can be sure that when people are choosing a surgeon to spend thousands of dollars with reviews carry even more weight!

If a potential client is searching Google for local surgeons, who do you you think they are going to notice and click on first?

Someone with 2 or 3 reviews (zero in many cases), or a surgeon with this right next to their name…


I think it is pretty obvious – those 41  golden 5 star ratings are going to get all of the attention.

Do you have them at the moment? If so, would you like more?

How to Get More 5 Star Reviews – Using Our ‘Cheat-Sheet’ Download

There are 2 major reasons why most surgeons don’t have as many positive online reviews as they deserve:

1. They don’t have a set process in place for requesting them from every happy client

2. If a process is in place it doesn’t tell the client exactly what they need to do, or make things as easy as possible for them

If you have a system that does these things consistently, you can expect to pick up many more 5 star ratings each month.

So how do you do it?

Pretty easy, really….

Step 1 – Actually asking!

Don’t just ask in person. If you do this, even the clients who agree to review you are going to forget. That’s just how things go unfortunately.

The best way to ask is with a personalized follow up email soon after a procedure. An email template to use is included in your cheat sheet – download it here.

**By the way, you are collecting and storing all client email addresses so you can stay in touch with them periodically, right?**

In the cheat sheet template download, just replace the client’s name and change a couple of words relating to the procedure/s they had. If you like, add another line referring to them personally.

That’s it. Copy and paste the text, change a few words and hit send. All done in 15 seconds.

Step 2 – Telling clients EXACTLY how to review you in Google and making it as easy as possible

Reviewing any business online is the easiest thing in the entire world to do. All you need is a Google/Gmail/Google+ account and a couple of nice words to say about your experience with whoever you’re reviewing. It can be done in about 45 seconds by any customer or client!

Unfortunately most of your clients will not know how quick and easy it is – because they aren’t used to writing Google reviews.

Why aren’t they used to it?

Because nobody asks them to do it, or explains the exact steps to follow.

Here is where your cheat sheet comes into play again. You’ll notice that the template email for sending clients already has instructions inside it. Simple, step-by-step actions they can follow to write you a great Google review.

All you need to do is replace the link in the template with the link to your Google local business page (this is super-simple and explained in the cheat sheet).

Here’s to Many More Precious 5 Star Google Ratings

It really is that easy. Copy and paste our template into an email, change a few words for each client and let them follow the steps.

TIP: Another way to increase the number of clients who actually follow through and review you is to mention it to them in multiple ways…

– How about printing simple postcards with the instructions on to give to clients leaving your practice?

– Why not mention the review request email you sent in any follow up appointments or? Ask if they read and understood it.

– Could you mention reviews in your regular email or printed client newsletters?… You do send those, right?

The bottom line is that the more consistently you ask happy clients for reviews, and explain exactly how to create them, the more positive coverage you’ll have online. And it will stay there forever!

Questions? Leave them below.

Until next time,


P.S – Here’s the link to download the free Cheat-Sheet again.

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